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King's opinion ?


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Hi, I am running a game of TTB and one of my players asked me whats the King's empires  current opinion of the guild and it got me thinking would a plot involving spies from the KE trying to secretly steal shipments of soulstones out of the northern hills (where my players are currently hiding out) through a time sensitive breach (open every 6-7 days for a couple hours) be possible and make sense? 

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Minor breaches, both permanent and time sensitive are not new. The Ten Thunders have their own in Promise, which is how they've been getting to and from Malifaux. Ever since the Governor Generals attempted ascension, more and more random breaches seem to have been appearing. So at least that part of your idea is fine within the framework of Malifaux.

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The King's Empire isn't all that fond of the Guild; they were one of the first nations to effectively buck Guild control, and that triggered a chain reaction that really undermined the Guild's influence back on Earth.

Temporary breaches are certainly possible, but they tend to be rare, short-lived, and hard to predict. If there are smugglers taking advantage of them, I'd give them someone with a limited ability to detect Breaches or see the future, and make having to chase down the breaches to who-knows-where before they close an important part of how they operate.

There are really only two stable, predictable portals in Malifaux, and the Guild and Ten Thunders are guarding them heavily for that reason.

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I have gone with the idea that under the guise of Logging camp a unite of KE have managed to create a Breach detector (Think the Oracles from Minority report) who search for breaches around the area that appear and vanish within 20/30 mins.

When a breach is detected a group of the KE agents race out mad max style of souls stone vehicles to go through with the shipments of soul stones and a radio to call into KE. A couple day later the camp gets new workers since the old ones 'moved on'

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