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  1. I want to play this as a MS&U recruiter as this looks so much fun.
  2. I am currently running a camping that has been going for about a year, 6 players, so far 7 character deaths (mostly due to players trying to break into a guild soul stone vault or double crossing the MS&U) However I have hit a point with the players learning more about whats going on earth side (via spoilers and Homefront) they now want to go earth side. Now the players are wanting to push to go to Egypt as most of them are Arcanist, two actually coming from Cairo. However all I know is that Egypt is where the Order is set up. So my question is fairly simple, what would you say is going on in Egypt, is it under complete Order control, is it similar to history and does the kings hand have a strong influence in the area?
  3. Due to a random thought I had I made this one as a bad guy for my next game: Hexxus aka engine of extinction: The MS&U and Guild like people to think that they are the one's who created and built all the machines seen around Malifaux in these current days, however that is not quiet true. There are some machines, some constructs and some Pneumatic's that have seeped into the city from outside, from the badlands. Those who live in the bad lands have seen these strange metal creations more than most and have come to understand them as more dangerous than they are worth, normally taking the shape of harsh twisted jagged metal, pieced together with dirty spot welding and thick sticky tar, a faint dark purple glow comes from deep in the metal. Far off in the badlands there is a crater that spews forth toxic green fumes, anyone who goes near it starts to chock on the smell, however at the very center of it is the ancient lab of Hexxus the Neverborn master of pollution and industry, working constantly to make more and more twisted machines, his latest creation the engine of extinction, a horror of a siege construct, just needs a power source. (Never born Steam fitter style thing, the character works black blood into machines he makes and offers pneumatic's to anyone dumb enough to take it, currently searching for a big enough soul stone for his warmachine)
  4. So I managed to luck out and get my hands on a C.Hoffman gang with a couple extra pieces from a guy at my local shop, but that is neither here nor there. So my question is, how does one Hoffman or at least not get beat within the first couple turns, especially with the new stuff coming out for him.
  5. Had a couple more ideas over the week so thought I come back for round two: Mordecai Winters: Originally a guild captain with a reputation for straining the chain of command his only saving grace was getting the job done however eventually he pushed to many people buttons and was thrown out of the guild for charges of assault and insubordination. Since then Winters had been even more of a problem for the guild setting up shop in the quarantine zone, his office has a sign that say "no job too small, too awful and too bad" has lead Winters to stealing certain corpses for a Necromancer or two, blowing up a guild outpost for the MS&U or stealing a rare book from a Neverborn nest for an Arcanist. (Overall Winters himself is not a bad man however he will be a problem to anyone who has upset anyone with money, in game terms is a mix between mercenary and Bully) Oswald Coppertone Aka Jive: Music is a strange thing in Malifaux and no stranger is the music found in the bayou, the man that will become known as Jive originally came to Malifaux after his family died in the United states, he bought a one way ticket and never looked back. Sadly however when he got through the breach everything went downhill, the noise it was like a band had set up in his skull constantly playing constantly it caused him to lose his mind and he jumped from the train before it could entered the city and he disappeared into the hills, eventually he was found by the gremlins who found his description of the music very interesting, they gave him a brass pipe twisted and curved, thinking it would be funny to see what he did, sadly for those gremlins that was the last mistake they made, the second that twisted bit of metal touched Oswald's lips, music roared out of him like a fountain and those Gremlins danced themselves to death. Now calling himself Jive he is heading into Malifaux city looking for some "cool cats" to join his jumping dead. (Necromancer using music to force people to dance themselves silly using a saxophone, he is followed by a pack of Jumping dead, the corpses of his victims that continue to follow him in death) Concetta Reino Aka Lady in Red: A young women made her way from earth to Malifaux all the way to the Star theatre where she was told she was 'Earth' pretty, not a star attraction not, not worth the dress she walked in, that was until three actresses were found beaten to death in there dressing room. Since then the Star theatre has done what they can to crush rumours of a women with floor length blond hair wearing a sparkling red dress sneaking around killing their patrons and girls. In truth Concetta is not actually sneaking around doing this, she is however using her smile and charm to manipulate a large number of people to say this, slowly damaging the theatres status. She recently found a bunch of books in a private collection that she has started to study and so far has had success in using, she has started to summon "Angels" which she uses to get further control over people of wealth and influence. (This one is s social based mage that has summoned some form of Gamin based around bewitching people which take the form of extremely beautiful people which she calls angels)
  6. So I have been moving forward with the idea of Atlantis and currently went with a Polynesian idea, so far I have made a couple points still have so issues with ideas. The overall lay out so far is that a group of Māori were lead by someone they believed to be Maui (who was in fact a neverborn who sneaked into the real world through a small breach in the oceans around the Polynesian islands). This Maui was luring the Māori into Malifaux with the aim of using them to create a new form of soldier via a ritual, however the Tyrant (created one since it was easier that forcing another one to be here) Tangaroa changed the ritual, instead of the Māori becoming mindless war monsters for Maui to direct they became like Maui, Neverborn. The Tyrant Tangaroa did this because he refused to let one of his own create, the power to make or alter life is the realm of Tyrants not their servants. The newly made Neverborn were dubbed the Waha and settled the island chain that was supposed to make up the fangs of Tangaroa, Maui however left, some say he is roaming free in the real world but this is unconfirmed. The problems I am hitting now is weather to have them as the usual natives that meet the more advanced people (in this case the guild) or have their early interaction with a Tyrant and possible easy supply of soulstone mean that they are actually further advanced but with lower numbers, it boils down what you if you were the player think would be more interesting, a large group of natives wild men riding sharks throwing spears and lighting (occasionally) or secretive manipulative quasi-priest scientist that use soulstone tech in a way not seen before (think they use it in a way similar to fusion power but with souls.)
  7. Hi I just want to check what or where are the rules for construct points and crafting?
  8. Jinxs

    Steam fitters

    Even if it only does half of that I will be amazingly happy
  9. Hi I had an idea for campaign for a while and after the recent and brutal death of my last game (side note darkness gamin can be deadly) but the idea I was having I was not sure if it would work. Essentially since Malifaux seems to be where all earths myths and legends are real I wanted to try something a bit grand, so Atlantis plot, the idea being scouts had managed to track rivers heading out the bayou of the east to find an ocean and of course run into the gibbering Horde, however discover some clues to another city out at sea. The little snags I am hitting are more creative but still thought you guys could lend a hand: What style to use for Atlantis, currently leaning to a dark Greek or Polynesian but worried that maybe too jarring I want Atlantis to actually be populated since I think it would be an interesting Dynamic to have them discover another power similar to the guild but just unaware of each other but I have no idea how the guild would react to this new discovery. Also trying to work an organised group that is not suddenly a huge threat is turning out to be tricky, reason I was leaning to Greek was so I could have them as just a city of cultist worshipping their "Gods/Tyrant" who had no reason to leave because nothing presented itself, now with the discovery of the rebuilt Malifaux they maybe curious to move outwards again. So yeah, ideas, Criticisms and thoughts welcome.
  10. Okay I know there were open beta on these models but still have no idea where to find that info, what do the steam fitters do? (p.s if anyone can point me to the beta that would also be grand)
  11. Hi, I have previously run TTB but now I have a chance to play and am giving a mage a go, however its lead to a strange question: Is a gamin that has been summoned with the Terror immuto a Terror tot and if not how would you describe it?
  12. Looking into making a gang based around bombs and detonation effects, is there anyway to summon a Mobile Toolkit in play? Also any other models and or upgrade should I need to grab. Currently going with Rasmos for electric creation and, Willie, Mobile toolkit and then normal steam arachnids
  13. Doctor Richard Goddard AKA Dr.Green : Oxford educated botanist, came to Malifaux city to study the plant life on the other side of the Breach. After arriving in the city he first set up in the slums where his lab was discovered by the M&SU who took an interest in his experiments with rapid plant growth and a derived serum that will restore people's health. After some hard negotiations Dr.Green now has a small team of Oxfordian mages who guard and keep an eye on him while he continues his research. His lab has moved again to a much larger operation in the quarantine zone, his serum is nearly ready but he needs human test subjects, which are rare after the last one turned into part rose bush. (Dr.Green is a Chemist/mage combination, he sends oxfordian mages to catch subjects and his greenhouse lab is guarded by a bad juju esk enforcer, which was the last test subject) Father Glen Creed AKA The baptist: The father was a missionary that came through the breach early on in the retaking, coming with the first couple of waves of criminals and guild guards, however as he went through the breach his mind was left bare and open to an entity who appeared to Father as "Rapture" and begged the father to help him spread his message to all in the city of Malifaux. This "enlightenment" by the father took a sinister twist when it was discovered that he was baptising people in black blood overseen by strange bird men creatures (Blackblood shamans) the guild immediately tried to arrest and kill him but he vanished into the cities quarantine zones where he has been collecting every drop of black blood he can find. Now outwardly the Father looks relatively normal but his mind is very much broken, he sends out his "Raptured" flock in search of new people to convert. (Looking at some sort of Neverborn social character, will have Black blood shamans as assistants at his base while his flock will act like a mob) Miss Deeds AKA Dynamite Daphne: The buildings in the city weren't always what they are now, at one point or another a street needed cleaning out or a building demolished and to do that the guild has a team of specially trained demolitionist, sadly for Daphne Deeds while working on one of these buildings she was crushed by a wall and left the mortal coil, until she crawled back out nearly 24 hours later half crushed and completely dead. Since that day Miss Deeds has been working from the sewers of the city with the aid of the Shell shocked, living people who have had their minds broken through repeated blastings and detonations, she crafts her special type of undead called busters, packed to the brim with explosives she sends them out through the city to detonate at random. (Undead demolitionist with a hoard of shell shocked people which act similar to Illuminated but lacking the mutations and a couple of mindless zombies that have explosive demise) Jon Doe AKA Internal Credit Control: When the city was retaken by the guild there was a large number of guild guards that looted what they could without the permission of the guild, Jon doe was one of these guards, however he stole something more dangerous, a large blackened souls stone, which has been identified as the Tar heart. After stealing the Tar Heart Jon Doe vanished from the guild ledgers believed to have been removed by his superiors as a punishment, however recently rumors in the guild talk of an Official who has been moving in amongst the guild checking for corrupt officers and guards, the reports talk about a man with pale skin, black hair and black eyes but no one can remember anything else. (Forgotten pursuit style guild agent, works with a couple of 'lost' guards which all have a destructive demise effect that causes blindness in people)
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