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Sewn fate + Whispers in the night interaction


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Will o the Wisps CA action "Wisps call" gives out a condition called "Whispers in the night" which makes its so the target model is only able to walk towards the model who applied the condition Whispers in the night.

The Voodoo doll can give models the condition "Sewn fate" which makes it so that all conditions the voodoo doll recieves is also applied to the model with Sewn fate.

But what happens if a Wisp puts Whispers in the night on the Voodoo doll? The condition would be applied to the model with Sewn fate on them, but its not applied by the Wisp or the doll but by the condition Sewn fate itself. Does this mean that while it gets Wispers in the night there is no model applying, thus it cant walk at all? Or can it walk whereever it wants? Please enlighten me ^^



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This has come up a few times with no consensus.

Personally I believe that the Sewn Fate condition is the source of the Wisp's Call condition, so it allows the model to walk wherever they want because no model applied the condition. This is consistent with damage which is considered to come from the condition and not the model.

Others suggest it's the Wisp or the Doll.

Here are some threads discussing it:

Best to just agree on it before the game until an FAQ comes out. The Summer FAQ is expected this month so we may get an official answer soon.

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I'm the OP of one of those threads. I've paid attention to most of the times it has come up and the answer that my local Henches go with is that the Wisp is still the originator of the condition even if it "filtered" through the doll. So in most of my games we end up playing it as if both the doll and the Hemmed model must walk towards the Wisp. I am also eagerly awaiting an official FAQ on the subject, but just wanted to toss my two cents in.

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