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Still playing and reasons

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Hello puppet pals!

So i have a couple of questions.

Are you guys still playing it and if yes, how often?

Also, did you guys mainly buy this game because you played malifaux or because it seemed cool? 

The reason for these questions is actually because i need to know hos this should be introduced in my gaming community :)

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On 23/7/2017 at 11:27 PM, Clousseau said:

I play reasonably regularly, and would play more if I could.

I bought the game because of Malifaux, but play because its really fun.

Awesome, really happy that there are others out there!


Like it happens so often, I have been cought up in life and I am going for vacation the next week, but after my homecoming (no spiderman pun there!) I will create a sort of boardgame-day at my local community for people to try 3 board games I currently play that I own:

Dice Masters
Puppet Wars

And Warhammer 40k Conquest, which unfortunately has gone oop, but it is quite fun and more managable as is, so it doesn't turn into another big Magic the Gathering fever. I will post here how it goes, and the level of interest for Puppet Wars...

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