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Schemes & Stones Crew Spotlight - Void Spam


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I really like the new format - the run down of the models at the start is nice, since it means that the discussion of the list isn't hampered by having to state what the abilities are. I also really liked the discussion of what schemes and strats your guest would choose from a given pool, knowing what faction he was up against. That part reminded me of the podcast Before We Begin, where a guest builds two lists for a scheme pool and discusses them with the host. It's a shame that podcast hasn't updated lately - I always found that type of discussion very useful in improving my own list building. Perhaps if it wouldn't be treading on anyones toes that might be a nice episode to do once in a while? I feel like the current podcasts on offer focus on either master spotlights, tournament reports, or other discussions of single models, but list building is a bit neglected. Since it's such a central component of the game it would be nice to see some more content about it!

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