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Misaki + Mei Feng


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I've got a mostly Arcanist connection but recently a friend gifted me the Misaki box and Izamu. As part of my Arcanist collection I've got Mei Feng (with Sparks and Mechinized Porkchop).

If I want to build up a bit of a Ten Thunders collection around what O already have without going too crazy, what should I be looking at? 

I'm thinking that Toshiro and a box of each of his summons would be a decent start. Maybe Ten Thunders Archers? It would be nice if whatever I added was something that could be used in my Arcanist crews but I'm not sure if there are any mercs that fit the bill.

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If you're going with Toshiro I'd go double on the Komainu and hold off on the Ashigaru until you pick up Yan Lo down the line.

Additional thoughts: Ten Thunders Brothers are great schemers and offer good utility. You're lacking strong ranged options so  you might consider Katanaka Snipers, Samurai or Thunder Archers. Opinions vary on the Samurai and Archers but most people like having a Katanaka Sniper--I think you could make any of them work so go with what looks coolest or otherwise appeals to you.

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Well if you're after models that'll work with both Masters, here's a few that'd work; 

Shadow Emissary - for what i hope are obvious reasons. ;)

Samurai/Katanaka Sniper - Both Masters like a shooter or two. I prefer the Samurai for its toughness and flexibility, plus the synergy with Shadow Emissary

Obsidian Oni - great all-rounder, with scrap markers for Mei Feng/Toshiro and healing for your upgrade carriers (another reason i prefer the Samurai)

Tengu - Scheme runner/anti scheme markers. Mei Feng needs it a little less but it's still good.

Terracotta Warrior - just amazing for support, plus it's a construct. ;)

Low River Monk - Healing, condition removal and scheme markers. All of which is great for any master

10T Brothers - Scheme runner. One of the better ones, plus Mei Feng in particular really appreciates a mobile model like him. 


That should get you started. ;)


EDIT: Don't bother with the archers. As much as i love the models, they're really not great compared to all of the other great shooters in the Faction. 

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