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Relative difficulty of M&SU box.


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This is my first foray into a miniatures game that requires much in the way of assembly. I just finished assembling and paint the Ramos box with some extra spiders and an Electric Creation. I've also assembled (and am just finishing painting) the Rail Crew box.

Should I expect most of my future purchases to be as difficult to assemble (and figure out how to base) as the M&SU and Electric creation or is the Rail Crew box more representative of the average models in the game? 

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Nothing is going to be more outsized compared to its base than the brass arachnid. All spiders are tricky to assemble and base, but they're a small subset and have multiple attachment points: there are a lot of minis with a single contact point to the base so there'll be more figuring out how you want to deal with those. Ramos should be average difficulty for human minis, in my limited and mostly Guild experience. But it does get easier as you go on. I started learning on Malifaux too, and I assembled my own large arachnids which are on the more difficult side of the curve.

The Rail Crew box (and other Ten Thunders boxes, some of Wyrd's earliest plastics) that I've seen looked like easier assembly than most but one model always required more gap-filling than just dripping plastic cement onto a crack until it melted, or had to have one part shaved down to fit. That didn't happen with newer minis.

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