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Rules clarification for Pandora


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Hi there, I have a question regarding Pandora's Misery ability, Fading Memory ability and her Expose Fears ability. Say someone takes an attack targeting Pandora's DF, expose fear states that she can use her Wp instead of DF and that she considers the duel as a Wp duel. If she wins the duel, does the Misery and Fading Memory ability trigger? If not, why? My friend told me that they don't trigger but didn't point me to the rules that clarifies this. Thank you in advance.

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Your friend is half right, half wrong. Fading Memory goes off. There is no reason it wouldn't. All you need is to win an opposed duel where you were using Wp. Those requirements are both fulfilled.

On the other hand, Misery requires the enemy model to fail a Wp duel, and a duel is only a Wp duel for the models using Wp. So if they were attacking Pandora using Wp and they failed, they would take 1 damage. If they were using another stat such as Ml, Sh, or Ca, then it is a Ml, Sh or Ca duel for them and they would not count as failing a Wp duel if they lost.

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