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New to Outcasts/Malifaux

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I'm new to Malifaux and after reading about the different masters decided to play the Outcast faction.

The trouble I'm having is I'm not clear on what rules or packs I should buy to get the complete Outcast rules to aid crew building.


Mr brother has the main rule book and I bought Outcasts Arsenal Deck Wave 2. I see there are also Generalist Upgrade Decks and a upgrade deck 2.

Do I also have to buy these if I want all the upgrades/rules possible for Outcasts?






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Main Rulebook has rules for Wave 1 models and upgrades. Crossroads has rules for Wave 2 models and upgrades. Shifting Loyalties has rules for Wave 3 models and wave 3 model specific upgrades. Ripples of Fate has Wave 4 models and upgrades. Generalist Upgrade Deck #1 has upgrades from waves 1 & 2 in card form, but you already have access to these with the main rulebook and wave 2 arsenal. Generalist Upgrade Pack #2 has upgrades from Wave 4.

Waves 1 & 2 have most models. Notably Wave 3 has emissaries (I hear Outcast Emissary is pretty decent). Notably Wave 4 has a new master for each faction.

Here's an at times non-specific community wiki: https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/

In short: if you want all the outcast model and upgrade rules, get Shifting Loyalties and Ripples of Fate to round out what you have.

I mainly get by with the wiki, occasionally I browse the books at my LGS if I want to check exact wording on something.

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Malifaux rulebook.

The rules are fairly basic and easy to remember. The interaction of each model with those rules (and where they break them) are detailed on their cards.

Outcast Arsenal Deck 1

Outcast Arsenal Deck 2

However, for the most part you don't need the Arsenal decks if you're buying the plastic models. They mainly existed so that players with the older 1-1.5 metal models would have cards to go with them. You do want the Generalist upgrade decks though, because the general upgrades aren't included in any boxes.

Generalist Upgrade Deck 1

Generalist Upgrade Deck 2

As for the masters you want to play? Just pick ones you like the look of and play them. They're all pretty good. Outcasts don't really have a "theme" as such, so the same model (like Johan) can be run with any master without them looking out of place.

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