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Cult Stratagems


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Hey all, so since we now know what the general and Cult specific Stratagems are, what do you find to be the standouts "I definitely want to take this" and the "meh, doesn't excite me" ones?  For myself I'd put the Stratagems in a list where Awesome are things I could see taking very often, Interesting are ones that could get use in some lists but aren't as sweepingly great, and Meh just don't really grab me as something that will make the cut into a 5 Stratagem deck.  I am not a playtester so I could be horribly off but hey, I'm sure most of the people reading these forums aren't playtesters yet either so it should be a fun little prediction experiment.  So my list right now would be:


  • Chaos Fissures

  • The Burning Man Descends

  • The Approaching Convergence

  • Temporary Insanity

  • Time Paradox

  • Domination

  • Unchecked Magic


  • Deranged Laughter

  • From The Aether

  • The Fear Behind Their Eyes

  • Spontaneous Healing


  • Fire From The Sky

  • Disorienting Spell

  • Reveal The Horrifying Truth

Looking at my list, I'm noticing that most of the ones I see as awesome are the higher cost ones.  That may be related :P Also just a fun note, has anyone else noticed that only 6 of the 14 Stratagems the Cult has access to can be used more than once per game?

So what about everyone else?  What Stratagems do you think you will / won't use with the Cult?

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I will need to see the rules for how movement through portals gets hashed out and potentially disengaging my moving through portals because I feel like with The Approaching Convergence played like twice you van really really start getting stuff where ever you need it etc.


Feel like that in concert with a warped heavy company and the master that manipulates portals can get mean pretty quick.

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