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  1. Beetle941

    next purchases

    I guess by free I meant that you dont have to spend any points on them initially if you use the stratagem. While tactics tokens are in high demand, creating a fast moving harassing unit near your opponents deployment zone could potentially swing things on turns 3-5
  2. Beetle941

    next purchases

    The calvary seem like a great choice for the Behind Enemy Lines stratagem along with crow runners. I dont think I would spend script on them just because they are free with the stratagem
  3. Beetle941

    Need inspiration for 120mm terrain features

    Im liking the idea of using 120mm bases as blanks to create minefields, tide pools, smoke clouds, etc... I was thinking about using the 50mm blank bases to sculpt "flat" portals on since units can move through them and end a movement on top of them. Its slightly more than 2D and not quite 3D, but it keeps the game playable while looking a little nicer than just a flat token.
  4. Beetle941

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Honestly, this past year+ wait has been incredibly frustrating, but now that we are pretty much at the end I think its worth the wait as long as it is a quality product. Wyrd has not let me down yet and I have not seen anything to indicate that TOS will be any different.
  5. Beetle941

    Can't open any of the statcards for TOS

    I had to convert mine to PDF in order for them to open correctly. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem...
  6. Beetle941


    I am certainly glad that I have received something as it means that this very long wait is almost at an end but has anyone noticed that the rule book PDF is missing a few pages or am I just being special?
  7. Beetle941


    I checked my spam folder and, sure enough, it was there.
  8. Beetle941


    I still have not received mine. Maybe its just me, but I assumed all of the backers would get the PDF at the same time...
  9. Beetle941

    What are you getting?

    Somehow I missed where it said we could purchase the LE syndicate models. I will definitely be getting two of those
  10. Beetle941

    What are you getting?

    My buddy and I are splitting a Dual Commander. He is getting one of everything for the Gibbering Horde and I am getting one of everything for the Cult plus a few extra breachlings for summons/stratagems.
  11. Beetle941

    Reasons for the Section Sizes.

    The Malifaux/TOS universe seems to take place arround WW1 which, to me, makes the fireteam mechanic make more sense. On a small scale thats how units were organized. You didnt have a horde of people running around without any organization
  12. Beetle941

    Cult Stratagems

    The Burning Man Descends seems pretty much mandatory