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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I dont have the cards in front of me so I couldn't check
  2. Does the text for endless numbers say it's a summons? I assumed you brought back the entire squad .
  3. I would like to know the answer to this as well. Pretty much anytime something can immediately reinforce, does a token need to be used?
  4. Beetle941

    Breachling markers?

    If I had known that they were going to come with the markers I probably would not have purchased additional breachlings. My doomseekers also came with breachling markers
  5. Beetle941

    Hazardous without a number

    I would assume that if there is no number associated with hazardous then it would he 0. So it would be a damage flip with nothing added to it
  6. Beetle941


    No worries! I'm sure I'm doing the same thing on a few rules myself
  7. Beetle941


    You would add the number from the Reserve(x) to the 2 you would normally get from reinforcing. So in the case of the speckled crawlers, every time you reinforce you get 5
  8. Beetle941

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    How does the matchup with GH go? I'm liking Kassa more and more but I was missing the card draw off of Titan assets from your list. I'm not saying it isn't an effective list, just personal preference. I plan on giving it a go this weekend just to compare to mine. I really like your inclusion of the Steel Legion as I have been trying to figure out a way to run them with their high points cost in a single commander game
  9. Beetle941

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    I could very easily downgrade the marauder to a rail gunner or drop the engineer (I would hate to lose him) to give her the extra asset since i will use the Behind Enemy Lines stratagem 100% of the time to bring in the extra unit for scoring purposes. I agree that Kassa is the linchpin of the list so maybe an asset like Toughness or Sousltone Necklace?
  10. Beetle941

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    Oh I completely agree. After re-reading Kassa's card Im liking the idea of taking her with a Dreadnought + Electrocutioners combo to take advantage of the spare parts ability. The list would probably look something like this: Kassa +25 Deflector Shield -1 Dreadnought -7 Mounted Gunner x2 -2 Massive Furnace -1 Electrocutioners - 10 Engineer -1 Marauder -3 The idea would be to use the Titan as a mobile firebase while the Electrocutioners hold things down in melee and use the Marauder to complete objectives. Prototypes would most likely be rockets for the Electrocutioners and the chemical foggers for the Dreadnought. I would also pretty much always take the Behind Enemy Lines stratagem to bring in the calvary or Crow runners (depending on the situation) and Emergency Repairs in case the Dreadnought goes down. I will hopefully get a chance to test this list sometime this weekend .
  11. Beetle941

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    Maybe I'm missing something, but what is the point of Kassa in the list? It seems to me that most of her abilities benefit non combined arms titans. I like the idea of the list alot, but Kassa could easily be replaced by Unathi for more support
  12. Beetle941

    ToS Henchman program?

    That would make sense. I'm on board if they ever decide to do it
  13. Beetle941

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I'm in NC. Same here
  14. Beetle941

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    In US, still no shipping notification...
  15. Beetle941

    ToS Henchman program?

    Same here. A friend and I were hoping to build intrest and run events eventually