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Lizzy Lovecraft

Summoning Ikiryo for a move?


So, I play a lot of Molly (horror edition), but  decided to give Kirai a try since she's just collected dust since I bought her.  

I often, with Molly, summon Ponto (necrotic machine), even tho he's already on the table, place the new one, and destroy the old one, cause he's rare, and a totem.  At 4 wds, and only a point from Molly's summoning pulse, no-one has ever questioned it.

Now, with Kirai if I have Ikiryo out, but need her somewhere else on the table, when a model takes damage, can I summon a new Ikiryo in base contact, then sacrifice the first one to appease the rarity, and essentially have off turn moved Ikiryo, healed her, reactivated her, and sloughed off any conditions?  I want to do this, but it just doesn't seem right.

Thanks for answering, I'm dumb.

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A Crew may never exceed a model’s Rare limit through summoning. If, for example,
an Action would summon a Rare 1 model into a Crew when the Crew already has a
copy of that model on the table, the effect that summons the model fails


Page 60 - so no you have to kill off the first one before you can summon a second one. 

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Adran has it right, but I would like to further emphasize that you should stop summoning Necrotic Machine when it is already on the table. It simply isn't allowed by the rules.

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