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I dream of Nephilim


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Hey, I'm a semi new player and I've just picked up my second master.


I started with Dreamer and I have enough of an understanding to feel comfortable learning a second master. So I bought Lilith, and while thinking about how to start playing her I had the thought, how viable are dedicated split synergy crews?


For example, If I ran Dreamer as Master, and took Barbaros as a henchmen, could running 2 mini crews, one of nightmares and one of Nephilim work or would you be sacrificing too much of each crews potential for it to work.

I feel that it could work as you are not wholly reliant on just Dreamers movement and summoning, or just Nephilim push and melee prowess but a little of both.


I'm interested in this concept as a whole in Malifaux not just with Dreamer and Lilith, though that is were my understanding is currently best.





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It's possible to, but Barbaros doesn't necessarily benefit Nephilim specifically that I can recall.  He's big and sort of scary but he benefits whatever is nearby.  It also depends on what other models you were running.

If you want Nephilim for pushing and melee, Teddy has a push built into his attack and he hits like a bastard with the benefit of also being a Nightmare.  Dreamer can buff him with his tactical action, and with a 4 of anything he's letting Teddy push and make a free Ml attack.  I'd almost suggest using 2 Teddy if you wanted the extra oomph.  Plus, you know, Chompy.  It's pretty much his only deal.

The only reason I'd lean toward staying full Nightmare or close to it is because with the new Wisps, you have a pretty reliable cheap new pain in the ass.  I haven't tried it yet, but they can warp 15" to Teddy and then push him 6" for 1 AP if you also have Baby Kade in the crew.

I'm not familiar with many Nephilim beyond Barbaros and Angel Eyes, so I'm not sure how it would work with the bigger ones.  I'd be concerned about being starved for soulstones if you run a big one without trying to make it a grow list.  Although, hiring Mature Nephilim might work out fine if you use summoning Dreamer.  You wouldn't need the soulstones for any nightmares if he can just summon them in.  If you're doing it that way, it might work out just fine.

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The Dreamer likes the young nephilim because he can empty night them.  I once journeyed one and got 3 attacks because of the ram trigger and killed an executioner which The Dreamer is always scared of. Otherwise, I find it is hard not to take any of the nephilim models excluding terror tots and hounds. Blood wreches are good interceptors. Angel Eye, Barbaros, Mature and Nekima all fill there roles well and with only Mature and Nekima competing with each other or Teddy. Lelu and Lilitu are good for The Dreamer as one is a good missile you can summon or give a card drawing upgrade to from the new book and the other is a lure. You can bring in the scion for some condition removal and versatility, between his gun, knife and causing people to take interact actions he is very versatile.

I often will run 2 young and another nephilim with The Dreamer and summon in one or both of Lelu and Lilitu during the game.

Lucius also runs nephilims well.

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