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Sold... Thanks :)


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Hey everyone,

Hijacking on of my old posts again!


I have VS crew all built and upainted + Hans and a Strongarm suit again all built and unpainted

Outcast general upgrades Arsenal deck and also the Wave 4 upgrades for outcasts:


I am looking for the Marcus crewbox any condition and any extra beasts you have to throw in!


Cheers for reading

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Hey everyone,

So I have Nellie, I am looking to get some outcasts, I would love Parker if anyone has one they fancy trading?


Otherwise I would be looking for some decent outcast stuff, maybe Tara, Viks, Hannah (I would get excited for a NIB Hannah) etc...


Try me, I am open to offers :).


Thanks for reading

Hi, I had a Parker and posted the reverse post on Twitter a few weeks ago, unfortunately sold the Parker box as had nobody offering up a Nellie box!


i do however have a large outcasts collection and would be willing to trade a greater amount of those than the price of Nellie if you are interested?

everything is assembled and much of it is painted to a basic to decent standard, though would be happy to strip for you if required. 


I I have a nicely painted nightmare Tara crew and a part painted Hannah. 


I I also have metal viktorias crew and avatar. 



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