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3 player loot strategy


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Needing some help with ideas for the 3 player strategy "loot". Everything I've so far tried keeps resulting in dead Gremlins.

My latest idea, which I have yet to try, is for Mah to push 8" at start of turn, then push 6" using "let Mah handle this" towards a Wild Boar that is beside the treasure marker in the middle. That gives me 12" deployment, 8" push, 6" push for a total of 26" to take Mah into contact with the marker. She then picks up for 2AP then takes a 5" walk away from the two enemies crews to put as much distance from both crews.

I would probably consider taking Trixie so as to get first initiative, as well as Lead Lined Apron on Mah.

What else would you suggest? Dirty Cheater on Mah to help her survive that first turn? Every model will be ganging up on her first turn!

Is there a model that could make Mah walk? Trixie's lure will force the marker to drop.

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3 player games in general are pretty difficult to do well.  Most of the time, it's really 2 against 1, and most of THAT time, we're the 1.  That's due to the hit hard and fast nature of the gremlins, your opponent(s) will have to defend early, and then you'll be fighting on 2 fronts.


I haven't had any experience with this strategy, however, my friends and I play regularly in 3 player games, and the way we do it actually works pretty fairly.


Basically, we do player A, B, and C.  Flip up a normal game as if it's 2 player.  Pick schemes normally.  Deployment is kind of odd, so you'll have to play with that a bit yourself.  But essentially what we do is A can only get points Vs. B, B Vs C, and C Vs A.  Using an old example, if player A has assassinate, they have to kill B's leader.  If C kills it, A doesn't get the points because they didn't make the kill.  It gets a little odd in situations like that, but we like it because it adds another option for point denial and strategy.


The only reason I say this is because we tried the 3 player strategies and they never seem to work out.  I played one game where we did the strategy with 1 person in the center.  I was the center player, and we ended up giving me even more SS than I was supposed to have, and I still got shredded.

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