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Scrap/corpse marker removing models


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Leveticus can also hire the peacekeeper and large arachnid, both of which remove scheme markers, peacekeeper all in a pulse, large arachnid one (friendly or enemy) to power its buff. He can hire Philip and the Nanny to convert one scheme marker into a corpse marker (although I find it an even harder time to justify why he'd ever hire a yammering head in a pram).

Performers have a debuff powered by discarding a scheme marker.

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Technically Alyce can remove scrap markers to make abominations with her upgrade.  Ash & Dust can also use their (0) action to jump to a scrap marker and discard it.  Levi with Bone can also hire Toshiro, who while would not be able to get his normal upgrade, has a (0) that can remove a corpse or scheme marker to give Focus to minions.

So not a ton of options but a couple are strong in that field and Sue and the Specialist, who are good at it, are not tied to any one master at least.

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