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Schemes and what the Lil Woman has for Figs.


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We're not purchasing anything at the moment. I'm just curious if what she has a moment will work in all the schemes. We're new to Malifaux and at the moment  reading over the rules and painting my figures. Can't wait to start the her's. LOL. Any and all comments are welcome.

So here is what she has:

Viktoria of Ashes

Viktoria of Blood 


Student of Conflict


3 Ronin


Malifaux Child


Hans (love this guy)

Johan (wish it was Johanna instead)

Hodgepodge Effigy

Von Schill

Steam Trunk

Freikorps Specialist

Freikorps Librarian

Freikorps Trapper

2 Freikorpsmann 

Thanks for looking.

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Honestly, with what you have for her there, she should be able to do any strat/schemes in the core book or in the GG2016 list. Von Schill and company are all around toolboxes (jack of all, master of none) and Viks are blenders who kill all the things in melee. That is a nice spread of models. I'd suggest Hodgepodge Effigy for both crews (has a soft cover it can provide to help offset shooting at nearby friendlies) or Sue (:-fateCA aura). For game balance I would have a board with 40% to 50% terrain (not just big buildings, but also scatter terrain like bushes, barrels, trees, etc...soft and hard cover so that shooting crews nor melee crews have a distinct advantage over one another, but still retaining potential firing lines so that neither one loses out on it's strengths either).

The only thing I wish Wyrd sold (I got lucky and found the old pewter ones) is a second box that sold another Librarian and Trapper so that she could have two of each along with Hannah. 

Best advise overall though for both of you if you are both new is pick one 50SS crew to play (Crew box + an extra model or two to get you to 50). Then play about 5 to 10 games with just those models. Don't swap out, don't deviate. Come what may, win or loss (and don't sweat the losses just have fun) stick with just those models. That way you have time to not only learn the core rules of the game but you learn a set of models and be able to see where strengths/weaknesses lie. After that point, then start swapping out, but still take it slow and only swap out 1 to 2 models at most and play a few games with those to learn them and build upon what you know.

The reason being, as a lot of players find out at first, is if you jump from one shiny to the next each game, especially while learning, you end up having to re-learn everything over and over each game. As you play just a core list at first, and later change it up and build lists per game as it was meant to be played, you learn dynamics of certain models along with synergies that they have with other models, which helps you better plan for the random strat/scheme nature of the game when it comes time to build a list normally.

That's just my suggestion.

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