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New Master Mingle @ Miniature Market (August 27th, STL MO)


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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTSRQ9sAi49JEFp8E6ZKjIIts Time for a Masquerade!


Wave 4 is upon us!  With just enough time after GenCon to slap some paint on those new models, here is a prime opportunity to test them out for a party... yes... ALL of them!  On August 27th, Miniature Market is hosting another great three round event for players of all skill levels! In this event, we cast of the ties that bind us to one faction for the day.  This Open Faction tournament, as always, will have a free pizza lunch included, prizes to raffle, and a Painting Contest!  

9610 Continental Industrial Dr.
St Louis, MO 63123
(877) 326-4429

Type: 50ss, OPEN faction.  Gaining Grounds 2016* rules to apply 
Time: 105 minute rounds, 3 rounds
Entry:  $5 for both pre-register and at the door (receive 2x Raffle Tickets**)

10 - 10:20 = Registration 
10:30 = cards flip 
5:00 = Awards 


  • 1rst / 2nd place
  • Best Painted 50mm Model
  • "Best Dance Card" Prize

**Pre-registering with Miniature Market earns you (1) bonus Raffle Ticket.  Pre-register by calling Miniature Market at the above number or by checking out event registration on their online store.

Link to Facebook Event:  (to follow soon)


Game / Scenario Details:

Round 1:  Guard the Stash,  Corner Deployment

Round 2:  Reckoning,  Flank Deployment

Round 3:  Headhunter, Standard Deployment


"Best Dance Card" Achievement:

In the spirit of the Governor General's Masquerade, the player who can bring the most full & diverse 'dance card' over the course of the day will be eligible for a special prize!  Every model name you bring may only be counted once towards the total, so make sure you ask ALL you model's to dance!


Hope to see you there!

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The "Dance Card" will be a running tally of all the models utilized during the event.  For example bringing 5 Malifaux Rats would be 1 check box on the dance card.  Bringing a rat, an obedient wretch, and Nix would be worth 3 checks on the dance card.  

As the event is open faction, you can choose any master/faction for every round (normal hiring rules apply within faction though), so you can really mingle with a lot of models! 

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