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  1. Congratz to the winners. Thanks for the votes. Until next time. When will we our badges?
  2. Do we know what the schemes and strats will be for Gen Con 2019 ?
  3. Have you been able to login? I tried my forum account but it failed. Any ideas?
  4. Can the Doppelgänger copy hem ? if not why? The way I read hem is it give out condition X. THEN You see what the condition dose.
  5. So in general, do you all field Roaster rider or War Pig with Zoraida ? If yes , do you like one over the other and why ? Same question with Bad JU JU or McTavish? If yes , do you like one over the other and why ?
  6. That is what we where thinking too, but I could not find any where that clearly define: "Moved". Thanks,
  7. Question: Can a model with "Laugh it off" be Placed, by the enemy ?
  8. So the "dance card" can you provide more details in this before the event ?
  9. What are the models in the lower right side?
  10. Great. I grab the token in the center for the 1st weeks event. Then ran away home.
  11. So I'm starting my 2nd week of our campaign soon. I'm trying to decide what to get next. My list so far; Candy -run away home upgrade. Baby Kade Dopplaganger 2x Sarrow i have 6 script for my next purchase. I was thinking Teddy. Please help new player.
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