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I love the tradition where I get minis that my daughter picked out.

This is one that she described as "a Squid-Octopus."  Also "He looks like he's gonna eat me."  I believe he's supposed to be one of the stranger D&D creatures (a sort of stalagmite that eats the rare creature to walk into a cave- sort of like a carnivorous plant, except larger, deadlier, and living in environment that doesn't have plentiful creatures to support it.

Naturally, we had to incorporate it into our Mouslings game, and I found this encounter was my favorite moment as a GM.

- Mouslings are at sea
GM:  You hear singing.  It sounds like children waying come and play with us.  Make a will save.
(4 Year old makes will save, fails.  Her mother passes.  GM considers saying something about being compelled to believe the voices, then thinks better of it).  Yep, you hear children singing "Come play with us."

4yo: We need to go play with the children!  Let's go right now!  We get out of the boat to find the children.

Mom: Maybe they aren't really...

4yo: We go play with the children!

 - The mouslings disembark, and are attacked by a strange tentacled monster that was impersonating children singing

4yo:  (with astonishment)  He lied!


I went for a fleshy appearance, rather than making it look like an inorganic stalagmite.  It just seemed more horrific a creature that way.

The base I made for it was based on some Kingdom Death bases that I've made.  For some reason, this creature just strikes me as so extremely strange that it fits right in in that hell dimension setting.  Plus, I had made several of these Plains of Faces bases for clients, but I hadn't had a chance to paint one myself yet.

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