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Collect the boundy GG2016 (Dreamer)


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Hi chaps. I am trying to play only dreamer at the casual games or tournaments i go. I can't understandhow to play dreamer at the 'collect the boundy (jokers)' strat. It apears to be standart in every tournament as the 3rd game. They usually combine it with killing schemes. Any ideas how to equip that earthside kid to fight against the murderers of this strat? 


I tried to focus on schemes and tie the strat 0-0 but always something dies and i lose vital VPs from the strat. 

Anyone tried to do the start with restless dreams upgrade?

(I play almost exclusively with the dreams of pain upgrade)

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I'm going to start off by saying that I haven't tried this, and I think that you are making things harder for yourself by playing summoning dreamer into collect the bounty. If you are determined to go into this with Dreams of Pain then I think I would summon Lilitu first turn and keep her tucked out of sight, then focus heavily on summoning Stitched. Use them recklessly. If one of them gets down to one wound and you think they can kill it easily to score a point and go ahead on bounty, attack something with Gamble and lose deliberately so that it kills itself and doesn't give up a point. Buy good scheme runners like Silurids to start so that you don't have to summon in Madnesses on low wounds unless the terrain is such that you are sure you can hide them.


But recognize that you are really setting yourself up for a tough match up by going this route.

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Chompy Dreamer is generally better for collect the bounty but summoner is better at hunting party, so if they're combined in the pool I can see how it would be awkward. 

I'd say otherworldly is a must have if you want to go the summoning route. Since your summons can potentially count towards or against your score you need to think about when and where to summon them. Chain activation and the quick heal that goes with it helps a lot with that, as will summoning fewer, better supported models, in most cases.

With restless dreams it's more if a matter of keeping your daydreams and Alps away from enemy Henchmen/Enforcer if hunting party is in the pool. That can be a tall order at times, but you can use chompy to engage nearby threats/block line of sight and leave daydreams hanging back since lead nightmare is range 10. The main loss in that case is the unpleasant WP debuffing vortex, but you can still use that occasionally in conjunction with a quick paralyse from The Dreamer or Chompy popping out to engage and eat things .

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