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Unnerving Aura


Hey! So duing a game we had a difficult time looking for a more solid answer to a rule on an errata'd upgrade "unnerving aura" figure I would put this up.


Reading the errata unnerving aura, " 3'' aura if an enemy model begins its activation withing 3'' AND ends within those same 3'' he takes two damage"


So I would read this two ways

#1 is an enemy begins and activates within the range it takes two damage (either or)

#2 A model would have to begin and end within 3'' to have to take the two damage

Leaving toward #2 and was curious on other's opinion

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I don't believe this upgrade ever received an errata. Decaying aura did, but not unnerving to my knowledge.

The answer to your question is #2. You must start and end in the aura to take dmg. That's why it's best on models like yin, where its bad to try to get away from them, but if you stay to hit them you'll take dmg as well.

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