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  1. https://www.facebook.com/thetwoheadedgiantstore Hey Folks! I am a Henchman local to Vancouver Island and with all the popularity Malifaux has been getting I will be hosting another Demo Day! This event will be held at "Two-Headed Giant" a local gaming / hobby store in Nanaimo BC. Link At top Please feel free to drop by and get a test run at the game we all have come to love!!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1555213108116545/?ti=cl Saturday July 11th Drop Zone games will be hosting a charity event to move along a local's "Ride to Cure Cancer" all proceeds to assist with this great movement. Please look at the link and feel free to sign up
  3. Hey Team! Just to update I am still around for Demo games for anyone from the Island or Lower Mainland * Have to plan for trips off the island a lil more ;-) * Anyway I already made a solid trips across "The Island" and I am still available for June
  4. Well I had the aura wrong but the question was answered. Thanks ;-)
  5. Hey! So duing a game we had a difficult time looking for a more solid answer to a rule on an errata'd upgrade "unnerving aura" figure I would put this up. Reading the errata unnerving aura, " 3'' aura if an enemy model begins its activation withing 3'' AND ends within those same 3'' he takes two damage" So I would read this two ways #1 is an enemy begins and activates within the range it takes two damage (either or) #2 A model would have to begin and end within 3'' to have to take the two damage Leaving toward #2 and was curious on other's opinion
  6. Hey all, a heads up for Malifaux players around Victoria BC. Tournament will be held May 28th in Victoria BC. Information is at https://www.facebook.com/curioustoogamecentral/ Should be good times! feel free to come on down!
  7. Hey there! Cody here Figured I would toss a post regarding Demos I will be offering Location: Drop Zone Games, Nanaimo, BC, Canada Willing to travel the island to assist in Demos / Tournaments (I'll make landfall on the mainland hopefully soon to expand the dominion) Dates: At this moment Tuesday/Wednesday days Month: Current Month offered for Demos is May ;-) Times: Usually lurking around the store from open (11am) to about Mid-Day but I can attend anytime (depending on that whole work thing) Contact information: Feel free to use my personal email greatwhite
  8. Ya! I have the same feeling, evening losing the game seems to be entertaining till the end. The game flows quite nicely with minimal difficulty and I am super enjoying every game so far (about 6-7 atm) Neverborn pride!
  9. Hello All! My Name is Cody I am from British Columbia, Canada. I have been giving Malifaux a go since Warhammer Fantasy hit the end. I am currently loving the Dreamer and Teddy.....fat scary Teddy. Anyway I hope my crew can devour all others and drive those humans out of Malifaux once more. Cheers Cody
  10. Hey there, My name is Cody and I am from British Columbia Canada. I have been wargaming for about 3 years until warhammer fantasy finally hit the end times. I was pulled into Malifaux by a buddy and I took hugely to the story and loved it. Went full steam into the Dreamer and his crew, his story is what drew me in and Teddy.....Fat scary Teddy. I have been playing for 4 months few games in and loving it. I am now looking at something unique...Maybe Jackdaw. Hoping to have my crew devour everyone's in their strive to drive the humans out of Malifaux once more Cheers -Cody
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