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grave/ tomb stones


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hi i am looking in to making a graveyard bord for resurrectionists and im struggling to find good veriety on tomb stones iv found the renedra ones and a couple of others but struggling to find more as im going to need a fair fue, the most frustrating bit is i cant find any obelisk type ones if you guys know of any i could buy i would be grateful 

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Hirst arts has this mold.  Works in resin and has parts to make your obelisks.  You just need to use a mold release since the resin can damage the silicone over time.



Just look for mold no 46.    Building instructions.Head stones are smaller than rendera but will give you some variety.  Fencing is nice but takes time to build up a lot of it. 

I know there are others out there but it is a bit late here and I have to work tomorrow.  

Snitchy sends.

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17 hours ago, McLovinMcCheese said:

this site is amazing 

He has some pretty good stuff.  I have over thirty of his molds plus some others.  Casting can be a bit addictive but does give nice results.  If you are casting in resin then follow his instructions page to the letter since the resin can seriously degrade the mold.  I forgot to add Keebler orcs gravestone mold. 


He has some nice stiff too.  I ordered from him last in 2013 so as far as I know he is still active. 

Snitchy sends.

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