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Tara shifting loyaltys help

Chris Gibbs

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Right guys I need help, I am a henchman and will be running a shifting loyaltys campaign soon. I have a new guy who wants to take part and has bought the Tara box some crooligans gaki and death marshals, I ve suggested going Outcast and just not using the crooligans and gaki but he wants to.  

I have offered to lend him stuff until he can get it so he can join in and he would like to go with the valadictorian as his starting henchman. Can people please suggest stuff to include in the crew that would work (I am aware that were probably going to have to do huge changes once Tara becomes avalable and have explained this to him.        

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Unfortunately, it's basically impossible for run her with any theme starting a campaign as Ressers, since Hannah, the Scion, and Aionus (her three henchmen with good synergies) are all outcast and not an option for a first henchman though hannah and aionus are mercs at least, and the scion and void wretches are outcast so they and DM's also won't be accessible until he has a master.

So... basically, she needs to run in her secondary role of primarily AP generation and eventually add in bury mechanics. This means that anything that's pretty independent will work okay. I prefer scheme runners and ranged options since both are more flexible, but basically anything will do, esp. things with flurry benefit from the extra AP.

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I would suggest Datsue Ba as her starting hench(wo)man myself.

She's very good with resser Tara already and you can put in things like The Hanged, rotten Belles and/or Jakuuna Ubume and/or drowned, etc. and have a crew that is fine with resser Tara with few (if any) interchangeable parts. (If you have Datsue-ba, then your friend has a reason to use his gaki) and crooligans make decent void wretch substitutes until you can hire them, so he should still be getting his models worth.

Izamu or rogue necro or the rider can be good heavy hitters in a resser crew and be bombed by Tara later when she appears also and Izamu is synergistic with Datsue Ba.

Keep in mind, Resser Tara can play a little different than outcast Tara and while her crew is good with her, in a resser crew (especially a campaign crew) most of the normal resser stuff works just fine with her with only a little bit of parts exchange/replacement needed.

IMO her biggest strength and biggest weakness is her independence. She doesn't really NEED anything but sometimes it can be hard to fit the right parts for her as well (even among her own synergistic crew)

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She's fine, but you're really getting into the territory of any henchman that doesn't need specific connection to another master, at that point, since she's got a little theme and Glimpse (which isn't at all reliable). I've run Tara with poison theme, belle theme, just plain beaters, etc. -- at the end of the day, extra AP is extra AP. 

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