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Master Recycling Campaign 2016: Kirai


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@jonahmaul did a hilarious topic last year on McMourning's recycling campaign on McM turning leaders into Flesh Constructs off of the trigger to Expunge, granted by the Moonlighting upgrade. 

How about one for Kirai and her CrowCrow trigger on her Sundering attack to summon a Gaki? How many masters can we recycle into these bloodthirsty minions this year? I dont attend tournaments (yet), so for me I'm just listing this for friendly games, with or without Assassinate in the pool. 

Mei Feng is my first this year! 

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Unfortunately my Master recycling campaign fell a bit flat on it's face as I didn't keep up with it and play too many different Masters!  I originally plagiarized the idea from Hateful DarkBlack and his Levi's Master Recycling Campaign.  Hope yours goes better than mine did, I'll follow with interest!

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It's been about a month since I've gotten a game in, my LGS has thursday night events, but usually im busy thursdays for whatever reason, and i prefer to practice amongst friends. One needed a break, one was busy, and one took off for about 2-3 weeks as well to the western half of the country for some relaxation, so I was pretty out of practice bringing Kirai to Guard the Stash vs Pandora. I havent played Pandy since my early days of the game when she was a horrible NPE (and we played Turf War, so she was even more difficult to deal with). We called it end of turn 4 since he had to leave, but he had it in the bag, with 9/10VP to my 7. But I did turn Pandora into a Gaki! Some Whispers from Beyond spam followed up by teleporting Kirai to Izamu and flipping red joker on the attack made me a new buddy! So now my list is as follows

  • Mei Feng x1
  • Pandora x1
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14 minutes ago, jonahmaul said:

If I could like you turning Pandora into a Gaki more than once I would as I hate her so much!


hahaha! I knew it was a lost game when he denied me the new Outflank strategy early, so I set up the Pandy kill by summoning three hanged and a few night terrors to keep him busy and harass him. Worth it! I think getting revenge on Pandy is good for any Resser, right? I've turned her into a Flesh Construct once, now a Gaki. Now I need to kill her with Seamus and raise her as a Rotten Belle to rub it in I think... 

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