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Rusty for Campaign beginner


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I'm about to start Campaign shortly and I decided to go for my trusty-Rusty :)

My initial pick would be: Rusty, Johana, Freikorps Librarian, Freikorps Trapper and Hodgepodge Effigy. That would leave me with 2SS left for upgrade. I was thinking about either Desolate Soul or Survivalist.

I think crew is quite reasonable as it gives a lot of melee/shooting option, condition removal, healing and very important ability to get a soulstone when Rusty kills something but I wouldn't mind to get second opinion :)

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I have Rusty in my campaign team.

I started with From the Aether, and bought Survivalist after the first week. It hasn't really done much, but I like the insurance factor. I Pay Better might be a better option if you run a lot of mercenaries.

My starting team

Rusty Alyce (instinctual)



Trapper (enforcer)

and to them I've added

Lazarus (steady aim)

Malifaux Child (never been on the table)



I just got Instinctual for Alyce, so now if I have a five and a ten in my hand I can guarantee an Abomination turns up. Extra activations are always good, and I might actually get a Desolation Engine summoned.

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