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Malifaux in Vienna


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I decided to go ahead and make a blog about our Malifaux scene in Vienna. It will also go beyond, as I'm interested in visiting tournaments outside my country as well.

It's still at the beginning, but there are already a couple of battle reports online, including a tourney report from last Saturday. The focus will be on battle reports, but probably also include other tidbits about our favorite hobby.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to tell me what you dislike.


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Read through your blog, thanks for the effort. The reports are good to read and easy to follow, looking forward for more.

Just one thing on the tournament report: Instead of having the three Strategies for all games right at the beginning, I would include them in each report, too. I had to scroll a few times furiously up, to see what the Strategy was again.

Apart from that, great reports.

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On 21.2.2016 at 8:18 PM, Carter said:

Let me know about the next tournament would be eager to make the journey from Graz :)

Monatlich. :)

Bist auf fb? Da gibts ne Gruppe "Siren Games Tabletop Area", da werden die unter anderem immer ausgeschrieben. :)


Btw, had little time last couple of weeks, but I promise more reports will show up soon enough!

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