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Comprehensive Rasputina Crew


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I have decided to concentrate specifically to developing a really comprehensive Rasputina crew, mainly due to time constraints on painting time, wargaming time and complete lack of actually being able to decide upon a faction!

Here are the miniatures I have already :

Arcanist - Rasputina, Ice Golem, Ice Gamin x 4, Wendigo, Metal Gamin x 2, Mechanical Rider, Cassandra, Steam Arachnid, Moleman, December Acolyte, Myranda, The Captain, Sabertooth Cerberus, Envy

Mercs - Convict Gunslinger, Taelor, Freikorps Librarian, Lazarus, Killjoy, Dr Grimwell, Aionus

Stuff I need to buy once released - Blessed of December, Snow Storm, Silent One x 2, Arcane Effigy, Ice Dancer, Arcane Emissary

Is there anything missing from the above list which would have use with a Rasputina Crew? I am still a relative Malifaux Noob.

I have all the Arcanist box sets, except for Kaeris, so I do have those miniatures if I need them.

Thanks for your help

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I think this is a very good group of models for a Rasputina crew... I've never once ran her without Frozen Heart models flooding the list. I don't think I've ever even used the Mechanical Rider in a list of hers. She has soo many Frozen Heart options, that really make her 10x more effective.

I think the list you provided pretty much hits every avenue you'll need to take with her.

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