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Kirai vs Tara


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I'm still starting player and for Kirai only have the plastic models available. Yesterday I (finally) got Kirai on the table for the first time and was matched against Tara. Tara was fitted with all the options of Hannah, Death Marshalls and her void friends. My Kirai set is still limited so I had to work with mostly wk4 melee focused model, except for leap from necropunks and Kirai's 'dragons'. During the game I ended up with my 3 main models boxed or lost in the void unable to get out for 2 - 3 turn still I learned a lot from the game both on my crew and on Tara. For instance I need to position models so that Ikoryo can get out (not sure I spelled that right) and tbh I simply forgot about the option till it was too late. Also summonig, with the double :crowdidn't do it for me.

After the match there was some time to talk about options for Kirai to prevent being caught in the void. The option that was mentioned a lot is keep hold of your high hand cards, not sure that is the most valid option and one that I like a lot though. Other options I will consider next time is some more ranged models or have the necropunks engage Tara asap with leap etc. just to get her out of the game. I also got a sense that while playing Kirai the order, and hence placement, in which you activate all your models matters a lot more so than in other crews I've played thusfar (Pandora, Levi). I understand that strat and scheme can go a long way but with 3 models (around 25-30 ss) in the void and Turf War the rest will be out of the game by turn 4 or 5.

Would be interested to hear some thoughts how to tackle Tara's void trap with Kirai while staying within the plastic model range.

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If a model is hit by Tara's or Void Wretch's Glimpse of the Void trigger then you need to kill another model to get the buried model to reappear (unless Tara unburies it for you). You could of course kill one of your own models to do this if you were really desperate. Engaging Tara won't solve the issue, but having models with a higher WP stat will help (since Glimpse targets WP)

Izamu is in Plastic and works great with Kirai has it is a Spirit, so I would look to that if you were looking to purchase a new plastic model.

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Really the only ones Kirai is really lacking for is Shikome (out in January), and Datsue-ba (she's also waiting for Jakuuma & The drowned, but I don't think they're as important). If you can, see if your opponents will let you proxy (especially the Shikome, they're my go-to summon).

The Drowned are another good one to get as they make a truly evil summon.  Also, Chiaki, a Nurse (great for Izamu), Rogue Necromancies (with Take Back the Night) and Flesh Constructs all regularly make my lists (not spirits but do benefit from Malevolence.  Also, they're all in plastic!

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