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Death marshal ~or~ austringer?


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So guys, I'm crafting my shifting loyalties campaign crew. I'm currently at...

Francisco  (8)

-wade in (1)

Santiago  (7)

Papa loco (7)

Death marshal  (6)


With my remaining 6 scrip should I buy another death marshal or a guild austringer? 

Also I think I'm going to buy the guild pathfinder on my week 2 purchase. 

..thanks all

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Austringers are fantastic for schemes, especially if you use them to make clockwork traps walk around and drop scheme markers :P But even without something rules-bending like that they can pretty much always do something useful, so I'd go with them seeing as you already have a death marshal. More interesting if you don't have duplicates in such a small crew.

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That's kinda what I was thinking too. I'd probably like to pick up another death marshal at some point, but early on, idk if I can deny the sheer versatility of an austringer. 

What other models do you think would work well in this crew?

Cheap models for marker schemes and activation control. 3 hounds or two watchers probably.

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Watchers also have the ability to make Santiago significantly better by removing cover from enemy models.

I would also leave Papa Loco home, unless you have some model that benefits from that :+fate for damage more than Francisco. Ryle and Brutal Emissary might be such non-master models.

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