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Rasputina with Arcane Effigy?


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I was wondering if anyone had tried running the Arcane Effigy with Raspy.

I am amused by the idea of Raspy's ice blasts causing Burning, and I think the combination could be potentially rather effective. Given how many shots on target she can take in a given activation, she could get up to Burning+6 on a single target. Or, the opponent could just discard 3-6 cards to avoid burning, but I could live with that, too.

I'd love to get more input on this. I thank you for your opinions.

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I haven't got an Effigy yet, I'm getting a plastic one when it's released.

But note that models damaged are affected by Radiance, not just the target. Also if you are already activating Rasputina late because of Bite of Winter and maybe Amplify, then another prep action wont affect you negatively. Though at some point you might baulk at the amount of points you have standing around just buffing her. :P

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