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Oiran -> Jorogumo Conversion WIP

Da Git

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So, I'm really liking the Jorogumo at the moment, but I doubt the official model will be out for a while.  Also, while I quite like the official artwork I also want a more traditional seductive female one too.  I also really like this picture, so decided to base it off that.


So, having a ponder at what to use, lo and behold, one of the Oiran is holding a glaive! Perfect!

Here's what I've got so far, I've basically just drilled eight holes into the large knot of hair on her back and put in the pins, which were pre-bent.


I'm very much a beginner when it comes to sculpting, I had a go tonight which was quite bad.  Does anyone have any tips to help me sculpt the legs to resemble a spiders?  I learnt tonight that I have to sand the wire, which should help (one of my big problems I've been having is that the putty doesn't stick to the wire). 



Da Git


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Thanks for the reply!

There's no progress to report so far other than I've tried sanding and that didn't work.  As I"m in Japan, I don't really have easy access, to Liquid Greenstuff, although I'll try to see if I can get some this weekend. 

I'm also not entirely sure on the position of the spider legs... not sure if I want them up like they are or more down like the artwork.




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Maybe try and pick up some really thin plastic tube. cut it to the desired lengths of each...section..of the leg but file/sand the edges..

Ok quickly drew a picture.

The blue is the wire leg 'skeleton'. the black box is the tube looking from the side.. the red lines are the angle you'd use to round it up a little to make it like a spiders leg.

After you've don't that you can then green stuff in the 'knuckles' to get the desired look.


Have a crack at that and hope this idea helps.



spider leg.png

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