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From the Shadows - 6 September 2015 (Sunday), 50SS event, Rugby


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Hi all,


OK, let's try this again...


In association with Shadow Games, I'm putting on a 50SS 3-round event in Rugby, Warwickshire on Sunday 6th September.


10am kickoff in the Shadow Games shop in Rugby town centre. Rules pack is here;



The event will use both the standard 'fixed faction' and the 'trinity' crew selection rules. Pick one of the following;


Fixed Faction - the age-old fallback. Pick a faction on sign-up, pick your crew from that faction every round.


Trinity - you sign up using any 3 Masters from any faction. At the start of each game, in the ‘declare faction’ step, you must declare to your opponent which 3 Masters you have signed up with. You then select your Master, and pick your crew using their faction. More details in the pack.


We will be playing;


Headhunter - Close Deployment

Turf War - Flank Deployment

Collect the Bounty - Standard Deployment


Schemes and the draw will be revealed on the day. I'm revealing the strategies as two of them are Gaining Grounds 2015, so this is a gentle reminder to maybe play them a couple of times. :)


The event will be very beginner friendly - we have decent round times and I won't be playing, so I can be called over for rules queries. Because of this I do ask that you call me over instead of asking another player, so that everyone can focus on their games.


Tickets are £12.50 with all the free tea and coffee you can drink. Lunch is not provided but Rugby is a pretty big town and you're right in the middle of it. There is fridge space for those on Slimming World or any similar dietary polaver.


If you want to come, tickets are available direct from Shadow Games;



The shop has some scenery and I will be using up my couple of tables' worth, but if anyone is willing to throw a table or two in the boot of their car it would be much appreciated!


Places are initially limited to 16, but there may be space to add another table or two if there's demand.


So yeah. Any questions, please yell and I'll maintain an FAQ section on this post.


Hopefully see you on the 6th!




1. Aron Britchford

2. Stephen Nolan

3. Paul Hibbert

4. Graeme Nicholls

5. Dave Brown

6. Matt Ledgerwood

7. Lewis Wundowa

8. Ben Halford

9. Adam Hutchinson

10. Brooks Martin

11. Karl McConnell

12. Dan Woods

13. Haydn Smith

14. Alessandro Zaramella

15. Craig McNicholas

16. Dan Grimsley

17. Graham Bursnell

18. Joel Henry



Will wave 3 models from the Shifting Loyalties book be allowed?

As the event is scheduled to take place after the book goes on general release, yes, wave 3 models (such as Emissaries, the Crossroads 7, Master Queeg etc) will be allowed, but you will have to make sure you bring a copy of the rules. I'd recommend bringing two, so your opponents can see what the new toys do too!

As Avatars are only for campaign use, these will not be allowed at the event.

Will I have to play my clubmates?

The round 1 draw will keep clubmates apart, but I can't make any promises for subsequent rounds. There are 5 Squigs and 6 from Gobo's Gamerz coming, meaning those 2 clubs are a big chunk of the field!

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Just a quick plug to let people know that wave 3 models will be legal as long as you have a copy of the rules handy. 


If you're planning to come, please can I ask that you buy your tickets soon, so that I can get an idea of how much terrain I need and what sort of prize pool I can blag from the sponsors! 

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Hey, me and the wife were going to enter. This would be our first Malifaux tournament but we are very much beginners (I've played 3 games, she has played two) is this OK? We will be trying to fit more in in the next few weeks so will be more clued up :)


Definitely not a problem! The plan is to keep this a relaxed day that allows people of all experience levels to have 3 great games of Malifaux.

If you want to ask any questions don't worry at all about doing so. No such thing as a daft question. :)

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