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Arcanists next purchases


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Hi all. I'm really new to Malifaux and I started out with the Marcus and Raspy boxes, I've also picked up a few other bits on the way. Id like to stick with both these masters as I don't want buying models to get out of hand. They also play pretty differently which is nice.

I'm mainly here to ask what would be some decent purchases to expand since I'm thinking of going to a tournament at some point. Currently my collection stands at:





Arcane Reservoir


Ice Golem

2x Cerebus


Blessed of December

Hoarcat Pride

3x Ice Gamin

December Acolyte

Silent One


Any tips much appreciated!

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I think you have plenty for a tourney as my 1st few all I ran was raspy and marcus coming 2nd in one of them.

you may want some silurids for marcus for scheme runners but you should be able to make 50pt lists nicely out of that lot (and razorspine rattlers also make nice runners anyway if not as fast).


my lists:


-feral instincts

-the hunger cry

-trail of the gods


-imbued energies

razorspine rattler

sabertooth cerberus

2 silurids 

slate ridge mauler or cojo



-armour of december

-child of december

-seize the day


2x december acolytes (you have a silent one)

2x ice gamin

ice golem

snow storm (you have blessed of december)

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You have almost everything you could want for Raspy. Snowstorm would be the only thing you need, if you can find one....but he really enhances the movement of a Raspy crew.


The Blessed of December is good in either crew (I love her with Marcus).


Silurids, Waldgeists, and Canine Remains are staples of a Marcus crew. Silurids are one of the best Scheme Runners in the game. Waldgeists are awesome tanks (Turf War, Guard the Stash, Squatter's). Canine Remains are great for 4ss. They are fast, significant, minions....so they can run schemes, but they also make decent road blocks if you need them to since they are cheap and if you can get it, the Trigger to turn a model into a beast for the rest of the game is gold (If I have a high Crow in hand and I can reach a high cost model...especially a master or henchman I'll go for it every time).

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I agree with the others, you don't need much.  Snowstorm (most likely a proxy for now), maybe another December Acolyte or two, another Silent One.  


I've not used Silurids with Marcus, but I am planning to and I have some canine remains in the cue for building/painting.  I've played Waldgeists once and they immediately went into my Arcanist crew storage box for Marcus.  


If Arcane Reservoir is the only upgrade card you own, you should look into getting some arsenal decks or making up some upgrades.  Guarded Advance on Raspy has been very handy for me---and Raspy on a double negative flip gets a whole lot more entertaining when you have her upgrade that allows her to treat the black joker as a red joker.  

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Thanks for the help so far. Good to know I don't need much to make a couple of decent 50ss lists.

I've got all the cards. Just keep getting Arcane Reservoir confused with essence of power!

Ordered some silurids and some molemen the former because everyone says Marcus will get good use of them the latter because molemen!!

It's quite annoying I can't get a snowstorm but have a few ideas for use as a proxy.

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