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Seamus and Mortimer.


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As the title hints, has anyone taken Mortimer with Seamus? I was looking at options for Seamus as I will be playing my first game with him very soon.

Mortimer's ability to provide corpse markers could be of use to Seamus for his '0' action on Red Chapel Killer, However, is it too situational and seems good on paper but not on the table?

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Thanks for the quick reply:-)

So far I have only been using Mortimer in his thematic crew with 'corpse bloat' and 'my favourite shovel' to churn out corpse markers and then blow up ones near enemies. With this in mind I know I have not been using him to his full potential and definitely want to get the most out of him.

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I usually like to have some way of generating a corpse counter first turn when playing seamus.


The reward of a cheap belle or doxy is usually going to be worth the investment.


Can be done with Mortimer, a dog, or any henchman with corpse bloat. I sometimes put corpse bloat on seamus, although you can't drop and summon in the same turn using this trick.


I base my decision on which to go for on the strat/scheme pool, and what else I will use the model for during the game.

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