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More home-brewed magic rules or “what were you thinking”?


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I’m a new fatemaster and I personally did not like the rules for magic theories in TTB. In addition to some balance issues that have been addressed by others, I didn’t like how constraining character wise the rules were. What if I wanted to play a religious mage? What if I wanted to build something similar to a D&D sorcerer? I have created some homebrew magic “traditions” that are a little more open ended flavor wise and have some adjusted rules. I’m putting these out here so more experienced players and fatemaster’s can point possible issues. 


Magical Traditions




A Hermetic magician approaches magic like a math problem. Each spell has a formula. Apply the right sequence, incantation, and component and the spell is the affect. Such magicians are highly skilled at altering spells.


Hermetic Tradition rules: A character gains an additional Immuto when selecting this tradition. All increases applied to a spells TN from Immuto are reduced by 2 to a minimum of +0.


Ex: Farris adds the Blast (+2) and Increased Damage (+2) Immuto to a spell. The total TN adjustment is +2 (2+2-2 for the Tradition).


This one is basically my view of “The Oxford Method”. This might be somewhat underpowered compared to the others, but I think it would be fine for players that really want to utilize the creativity the Immuto can add to spells.


The Calling


Those who feel the calling believe their power comes from a specific source. A god, the planet, spirit of the elements. Whether these entities exist or not means nothing to those that hear the calling. To them, they have been gifted (or cursed) with magic from that source.


The Calling Tradition rules: The character choses a Magia when selecting this tradition. They gain a positive flip to all spell duels when casting spells under the chosen Magia. The character choses one mental aspect. They receive a -2 to the final total on all duels using that aspect.


A much more open version of “The Whisper”. The auto flip might make some players lean towards heavy “blaster” mages though.




Popular among magicians of the Ten Kingdoms those who follow the Weaving Tradition believe that magic comes from altering the flow of energy around us. Altering the energy requires discipline and skill. Practitioners learn that the more time they take to alter the energy, the more potent the affect.


Weaving Tradition rules: Characters gain a positive flip to all spell duels with an AP of two or higher. The character gains the Increase AP Immuto for free in addition to their other starting Immuto’s.


This is Kadeton’s recommended fix for “The Oxford Method” applied to an eastern flavor tradition.




These magicians believe that Magic is just the application of will. They excel at any powers that affect the mind but have a harder time creating physical affects.


Psionic Tradition rules: The character applies a -2 TN modifier to any spell that is resisted by Willpower. The character applies a +2 TN modifier to any spell that is resisted by Defense.


Just the “The Court Procedure” with a different name. I feel that the background presented in the book for “The Court Procedure” can be expressed by role playing if the player wants to go down that path.


Power Within


Some of those who come to Malifaux become empowered. There is no rhyme or reason as to how these individuals use magic. They are powerful with the magic they have, but cannot learn additional magic like other traditions.


Power Within Tradition rules: Characters who follow this tradition do not carry a Grimorie. Characters gain Magia and Immto as if they have begun with a starting Grimorie. They are considered to always have access to these starting Magia and Immuto. The character gains a positive flip to all spell duels using this starting Magia’s. They can never learn additional Magia and Immuto.


Basically a DnD sorcerer or X-man. This is probably the one that I might have the most problems with.




Thank you,

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Magic has always been the thorn in great game of TTB. Why it is so crazy, is anyone's guess. But as very, very limit you are to magic in TTB (as opposed to in Malifaux), that may be the reason why little has been done for it. At least that is what I think. Most of those look good, but there is no drawback to them. Not sure it they really need them, but just pointing that out. 

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