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Bad Majesty's Guild


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Hey all,


After learning the game with Resurrectionists I've decided to move onto Guild for my next faction. I've always liked the guild models and I'm a big fan of the guardsmen so I've tried to loosely theme it around that or at least use it as a starting point. I've tried to spend a bit more time painting these but keep spotting bits to touch up on the pics.


Anyways, on with the pictures!

First up is the big man himself, Captain Dashel (WIP)





Followed by the Lone Marshal (WIP). Have had great fun painting this guy and is hands down one of my fave Malifaux models.





And lastly for today, an early WIP of my female guard




These are all WIP, some are closer to completion than others. Plan is to get them 'done' and then go back for tiny touch ups, find I have more patience that way.


Also, I know I paint quite thick, always have, it's a bad habit. Photography isn't the best, still learning how to use the camera properly and I always forget to dust off the mini's beforehand so ignore the specks on them.


All C&C is more than welcome





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Looking great so far! I really like the markings you've done on the horse. Your attention to detail is really good too; the wood-grain you've painted on Dashel's club is excellent and your bases are great. I'm looking forwards to seeing more progress on these guys.

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Really, really nice dude. I was just painting my Guild Guard today and am still working out the paint scheme. I went with blue for the coat but haven't settled on the pants yet. Right now I'm eyeing doombull brown from GW cause it's kind of cool'ish with hints of deep purple.


I really like your Captain Dashel and the light brown/tan against the pale shirt really stands out, especially with those red accents.  Love the Lone Marshall as well, I'm gonna have to dig out that model and paint it.


Can't wait to see more...

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Thanks again for the feedback folks!

Just 2 more WIP's for today

My Pathfinder who is almost there, just needs the last few touches done




And my Exy. I chose to keep the apron off him and I added a scar across his belly but still need to add something onto the straps there the apron in supposed to attach.




I am currently working on my Lady Justice and Death Marshals at the mo so hopefully I'll have some pics of them to post up soon.

C&C welcome as always


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