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Pandora - fading memory


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Okay, I played a tourney yesterday and it's been mentioned I may have played something wrong with pandoras fading memory ability.

My understanding is that when she wins an opposed duel against an enemy model she can push 4inches in any direction. That is fairly straightforward as lifted straight from the card...


A self loathing attack, self harm or incite all cause opposed duels. She makes one of these attack actions which causes an opposed duel and if she wins, she should therefore push.....right?

I can't understand why this would only be the case in defence or using her 0 action incite (which is also an attack action).

If I'm missing something ridiculous, please let me know. I've checked the errata and nothing seems to be mention.

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You answered it yourself, but yes, it's a fairly common question when you first start playing the game (I know I asked it myself). :)

Basically, just take whatever stat the attacker/active player/defender is using and that's the type of duel they are performing. Model A shoots Model B who gets to Defend, Model A is making an SH action vs Model B's Df stat. Model A casts Obey, Model B uses WP to resist. Model A is making a Ca duel, while model be is making a WP duel

Another, more relevant example
Pandora tries to Incite a Gremlin. Incite is WP vs WP, so both Pandora & the Gremlin are making WP duels (and if Pandora Wins she gets a free push, if she were also within 6" of the Gremlin, he would lose 1 Life).

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Asrian answered more nicely than I did, I see :P


But yes. The type a model makes, is what stat the model uses to make the duel. To break it down, a Ml vs Df duel consists of an Ml opposed duel against a Wp opposed duel. 


So, Pandora's Fading memory would trigger on the following. 

  • When she is attacked and resists with her Wp. (For example, a Ca vs Wp duel, means the attacker has an opposed Ca duel and Pandora has an opposed Wp duel.)
  • When she uses Wp to attack a model (Incite), making it an opposed Wp duel for her.
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*makes note to add Pandora to list of filth*



She's not all that filthy on her own... but the natural instinct is to bring a crew that throws out a lot of Wp duels... that's what makes her filthy. Especially if you use a lot of Lure, which not only forces a Wp duel, but if done right, will bring a model into the Bubble o' DOOOOOOM!!! if they werent already there... or does the damage if they were.

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