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Nekimas softness


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So I just built nekima and its already broken. One of the horns snapped. Now what. I have to buy another one, it is so thin there is no way to drill that bit in. 


It only took for it to break a really soft touch. If I have to buy another one Im definitely not buying wyrds and going for a proxy which was my first idea but I decided to support word because I actually think they deserve it because of the amazing game they made and the models are sweet too but they are going too overboard making bland models with too many thin pieces that snap really easy. 


My decembers acolite harpon is also broken and it broke while carrying in really soft sponge thing however you call it.


....... so 12 quid to the trash?

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The product I linked does melt the plastic. I really can't suggest it any more highly. I was using "plastic glue" previously (plasti-zap) when I started building gremlins. About halfway through, I purchased this stuff because, hey, it couldn't make the process any harder. It was a serious game changer. Though I haven't seen plastic Nekima in the flesh, the Testors cement has perfectly fixed things such as the strap on Som'er's gun which is likely thinner or the same thickness of the horns.

Give it a try, worst case scenario you have to greenstuff up a new horn and you have a new glue to put together future models.

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I for one, am not going back to any form of glue with the plastics. Plastic cement just works so much better and it really eases on the gaps too. So I fully agree with Requirement here.


This. I can throw around Justice by her sword, and no, I have not attached it to a second surface.

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