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  1. Agree with you. Bishop charged and killed him fully in 1 round of combat. Him going up to 8SS means he is only 1 SS less than Bishop, but still dies. Between the gree suit he gets, and a cheat in, he was doing min 4 which I Could not do anything against. Specially when he is fast and can push himself up
  2. For once I agree with you. Because it says not within 6" means you have to be more than 6" which puts you out of mele. To be honest I'm happy with that. You either mine, or you unbury walk and charge. You are either scheming or fighting but not doing all. This is my favourite version to be honest, as I think the miner should be a scheme runner/Ss fetcher more than someone who is in the middle of the fray.
  3. Is there anything on the current soulstone miner iteration that prevents him from mining while buried? Cheers
  4. It’s been great and whether or not I agreed with some we all contributed to pushing this game forward. I was really out of M2E and really lost, but I know have a huge energy for M3E. Do we know anything about the last update? again thanks everyone and specially developers and forum Admins’
  5. Yes, but that does not specify if he is close enough :S specially as he is being shot constantly, so though he might not be engaged (or even within 3")
  6. On turn one, when you used Disembodied Voices, where the targets withing 3" of a friendly Nightmare as bandersnatched was buried and wont count? You now need to have a nightmare near the target which makes it much worse than it used to be and unlikely to be used turn 1?
  7. What else does a zoraida crew usually have that can also move models (maybe dopple or hina)
  8. I was being thick and thought that it was always placed towards the half of the board of the interacting model. It is actually anywhere, so yes, that is great to actually interact and do 3 damage. The only thing is that if the model has already interacted that turn, the marker is probably not in B2B with the model so Zoraida will need her trigger to be able to do it.Still great, but I don't see it as gamebreaking
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But while an incorporeal model can get through solid stuff is not fair than an corporeal bomb can. There should be some limitation to that :D:D:D Totally agree with you there, I do put dreamer as great for bombs and idols
  10. So why is everyone going for Zoraida on Corrupted idols? I know not allowing the enemy to get to them via obey is good, but that could also apply to other strategies. I think dreamer is great as it has heal to cover up for the damage taken and summon to have models push the idols and take the damage.
  11. kaintxu

    Coryphee duet

    You don't really have 4 action. You need to split up and the together. On that split, if you have been damaged and you are near the enemy (which you would as you have been attacking them based on your 4 attacks), then those new coryphee are going to be in for some nice damage, which if you opponent know how to play can set up for (not always if you also know how to play).
  12. kaintxu

    Coryphee duet

    Maybe turn 1 and turn 2, get to turn 3 and the duet was not harder to kill than the rider, and compared to any other faction rider it didn't do as much damage at all. compared to our rider, it does not give reactivate to other models (in this case to the duet itself)
  13. kaintxu

    Coryphee duet

    I wonder how do you go from me saying it is not Super Hard to hit to being easy to hit. Just curious
  14. kaintxu

    Coryphee duet

    Hitting it it's lower to average if we ignore cheating and just flipping as you need 1 number higher than what your opponent flips most of the times with ML6 which is the most common one, though there are a few with ML 7 which means a draw gets the hit in, so that is far from what I would call that even hard.
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