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Seeking advice on how to properly store paints


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I finished painting all the miniatures I had two months ago. Since a wasn't planning on buying new ones in the near future I stored them in the box. I use Citadel paints and I have read somewhere that they tend to dry out, so I put few soaked paper napkins on the bottom of the box.

Today I opened it and there were colour stains under some of the paints, even though I cleaned the pots before storing them.


Should I just put them in a dry box bottoms up or... How do you store paints, if you are not planning on using them for quite a while?


Thank you

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One trick to preserve the paints is to place a thin layer of distilled water (less impurities to affect the paint) in each paint pot prior to storing. Don't shake them as you aren't looking to thin them, only seal them from the air and want a distinct water layer.


I personally use a custom mix instead of just distilled water to both preserve the paints and alter the characteristics a bit once I am ready to paint. My mix is Distilled water, gloss medium, matte medium and flow improver. Seals out the air and when I am ready to paint it keeps everything smooth, thin and coherent (instead of chalky).

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