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20SS Henchman Games


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Hey folks, 


My playgroup is looking at running a league with 20ss games, 4 model requirement, with no increase to the Cache.


The deployment is close deployment, with Turf War as the strategy, and Assassinate being the lone Scheme


Here is the list I am thinking about using.


Valedictorian (3 Cache)

+Necrotic Preparation (1ss)

Izamu the Armor (10ss)

+Ash Ascendancy (1ss)

+Unnerving Aura

Ashigaru (5ss)

Grave Spirit (3ss)


In my opinion, Valedictorian is one of the top 2 henchmen for this format in faction. I also like Sybelle for her Bleeder Lash's many triggers when you take the upgrade.


The Valedictorian has a very good Melee with nice triggers, a reasonable stat line for ressur's, and a great denial spell with her (0) action. Necrotic Preparation is just icing on the cake here.


Izamu is a model I loved in 1.5 and I'm glad hes finally back. Close deployment means he is ready to bring the pain at turn one without any outside influence, and I think with Ash Ascendancy Unnerving Aura to back up his already very good abilities, he will be a house and difficult to deal with.


I didn't expect to take the Ashigaru, but the synergy with Izamu through his Guard ability, I think he can do a lot of good work for five stones.


That left me with 3 ss remaining, that I had to spend on a model, so I figured, why not take the Grave Spirit. He's great for peeling a card out of your opponents hand, and giving your guys an additional +2 armor is kind of insanity.


Let me know what you guys think, and if you would make any changes. Or even toss in your own lists for this curious format!

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