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  1. I was thinking the same but he was also excluded from the email that was sent regarding the Easter sale. I'm just hoping for an official response before I make my order
  2. Is Retro McMourning meant to not include m3e cards? Feels weird to have him be the odd man out.
  3. Thanks. I sleeved my Mk2 cards so now I'll have to be on the lookout for sleeves that fit these. Edit: Turns out companies just make sleeves for this sized card! Fantastic.
  4. Am I crazy or are these cards taller than normal playing cards? Has that been discussed somewhere? Maybe I'll buy Alt Rafkin so I can see for myself lol.
  5. Things that can only in be in whole amounts like wounds are rounded. Distances can be easily halved and still be an amount that is easily measured.
  6. All back alley doctors have to start somewhere.
  7. Holy moly. This app is pretty nice already. One thing I would like mention though is that I would love to search for models by wounds or any other stats.
  8. That's entertaining Durza! Here is the list with the corrected upgrade (thanks the barbalag) and that change. Resurrectionists Crew - 50 - Scrap Dr. Douglas McMourning -- 6 Pool +Moonlighting [1] +Spare Parts [2] Zombie Chihuahua [2]Rafkin [7]Sebastian [7] +Those Are Not Ours! [1] Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]
  9. Resurrectionists Crew - 50 - Scrap Dr. Douglas McMourning -- 6 Pool +Evidence Tampering [2] +Spare Parts [2] Zombie Chihuahua [2]Rafkin [7]Sebastian [7]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4]Canine Remains [4] I don't think this would be a good crew, but it would probably be pretty fun to reduce your opponents df to 0... Switch evidence tampering for whatever one summons dogs when an enemy dies from poison... Not sure exactly which upgrade it was. Any way to make this better/more ridiculous?
  10. ... i clearly need to re-read the rules for TN duels.
  11. I have all my models cards sleeved up with Clear Dragon Shields, and my upgrades (since I'm filthy resser) in green dragon shields. It does add a bit of bulk,but you can buy some nice carrying boxes for card games.
  12. I'm reading it as though you are already engaged with Seamus. If so then you cannot charge as engaged models are unable to do so. (Barring some exceptions) If that's not what you are asking, disregard.
  13. http://wyrd-games.net/shop/M2e-Books-and-Cards/ You can find the list of models in each pack by bringing it up ont he store.
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