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My car's brakes died... Selling some NE sets & other stuff!


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Hey ladies and gents,

Well, I've had some extra expenses come up and I've regretfully decided to sell some of the Malifaux that I've been hoarding and not yet gotten around to building or painting.

As I need the money fairly quickly, Paypal payment only, and all payment up front. I have a long standing eBay account, a Bartertown account, and a MOTL (Magic Traders) account you can feel free to check out as references. You can of course also contact me through any of those sites if you prefer as well.

eBay Account; MOTL; Bartertown - RJM

All domestic shipping will be sent with Delivery Confirmation, usually for $5-$6. International methods we can discuss on a per case basis.

-Dead Justice Crew (Nightmare Edition) (NIB/Sealed); $125.00

-Miss Step (Nightmare Edition); $35.00

-Teddy (plastic, assembled), $10.00

-Joss (metal, primed black), $5.00

Just reply here & drop me a PM; I'll get back to you ASAP.



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I was looking for the Rail Golem so I'd take that off you're hands.  But how do I know I can trust you. You're new to the forum and only have 3 posts.

Yep, I did only finally sign up for a user account in April. And I don't post much, it's true. Which is why I made available all my other internet trading & selling references/accounts in the opening post. I'm afraid I can't do any better than that for you.

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Nightmare Chompy sold!

I have traded with RJM on Bartertown and can confirm that our trade was smooth and easy.

Thanks for the endorsement!


Cool, I get paid on Friday so I'll be down for taking the Rail Golem, Mr Tannen and Mr Graves off your hands.

Sounds good. I tagged them as pending for you, just get in touch when you're ready with payment.

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I go to work very early (4 am Friday) so I won't have access to make a payment until Friday night.  I live in mid Indiana. Do you have an idea for shipping? I imagine they might fit in a priority mail flat rate box.  Let me know the final price and I'll send the payment when I can access my computer from home after work.

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I sent the payment on the 20th. To which the response was



Awesome, got it! I'll send out today or tomorrow.

Thanks again,



It is now the 27th. So either 6-7 days delivery.  And no response when I asked if it was sent. I'm disputing through paypal. I recommend nobody else try to purchase from this person. I should have went with my first instinct. Does this sort of thing happen alot on the forums?

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I understand your frustration, and I feel bad as I was the one to vouch for RJM (if you are there RJM get this resolved as it is reflecting badly on me too), but I think you could give it a little more time. His lack of communication is not helping and a simple message saying he got held up or couldn't get to the PO etc would go a long way.


As for whether this happens on the forums a lot, I don't know. But I think it is always safer to trade on a dedicated trading platform such as Bartertown or even ebay as they will go to lengths to ensure things are done fairly. If someone commits fraud (I am not saying this is, yet) on Bartertown the mods over there will get their address and track them down.


I will try to contact Ryan through BT to see if he will come over here and let us know what is going on.

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the delayed replies to you. Had an absolutely miserable week, and fell behind. Everyone's packages went out, just a couple days late. I have tracking/proof of shipment for everything, and have already PM'd each of you with all the relevant info to follow.


Like I said in my PM, sorry to have caused you to doubt my intentions. I do wish you would have maybe tried emailing me directly before opening a Paypal dispute after just 6 days. I know you were anxious, and it was my own fault for not communicating more quickly, but still.


Sorry to have put you on the spot like that, and I really appreciate the heads up looking out for me. Seriously, thanks again.

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