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So I've been recently painted couple miniatures that have been waiting painting a year or two. When inhaling paintfumes one tends to come up with brilliant ideas like posting pictures of those minis to the internets. My recent creation:




I think the similatity with one well known skullhead is obvious. Almost considered buying a saberthoot cerberos and mounted the rider on that.


And here's a WIP Lazarus. A real pain because of my choice of paintstyle.




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I love the surprising colour choices on the Dead Rider! The purple and blue works actually very nicely for the rider and the red and blue wires on the mount's neck bring nice contrast to the otherwise very down-to-earth style palette.

The one thing that I'm thinking is that the eyes on the mount could be emphasized a bit more - a black was to darken up the socket near the eye and then some very bright colour for the eye itself?

As for Lazarus, that's certainly an ambitious style for this particular model :) It's looking great so far!

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Thanks Math for pointing the mounts eye problem for me. Didn't know what was bothering me with it until you said it. Zfiend might have guessed my inspiration or remembered when I said it to him :) 


And I have been painting some more of  Lazarus




Lazarus isn't the only one I've been painting


Student of Conflict.


While taking these photos I see that I have to use more thinner and try to make much smoother surfaces or the minis look like rocky road. :unsure: Other option is to use my cellphones camera instead of my Nikon.

I have already painted Viks, Taelor, Sue and two Ronins. All metal ones. Might take a group shot during Easter.

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Progress has been made and here are the proofs. The emblem has been painted and some white has been added





Beside Lazarus and SoC I have whole team of freikorps waiting for me. First one to have colous on them is trapper. Going for a brown theme for this guy because in my mind they are still those loners who survive weeks in badlands






Probably will add flock or mosh to the cape for some camouflage. Other freikorps will be painted black with bright green visors Splinter cell -style.Von Schill though will have inspiration from other so called stealth game. :)

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