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  1. I will say, I didn't expect this to be such a hot button issue when I made this topic. I'm glad to see so many diffrent opinions though! I agree that other factions (particularly TT which I play) seem easier but I also feel like I'm not getting 100% of the game. Guild seems like I'll have a lot rougher time then when I use misaki or Yan Lo but I think I'm going to enjoy it.
  2. I've been playing ten thunders and I now have three masters painted up for them and I've been eyeing guild as a second factions for a little bit. My LGS had lady J and the emissary so I went ahead and picked them up. What am I in for exactly?
  3. a question came up during my last game and I was wondering which of us was correct. My opponent and I both come from 40k where there is a difference between within and wholly within. I was under the impression that in this game If i say, placed a shadow marker with Misaki, all of the marker had to be within the 8 inches. His line of thought was it didn't say wholly within so just a sliver of it had to be within like in 40k. I was trying to find a correct answer but all my searching only shows answers from 2e and them saying that "wholly within" is no longer a game term.
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