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  1. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and especially to our winners! it was wonderful to see everyone's work this year.
  2. Those greens are absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Chiaki from Malifaux. Not my best work and not my original intent, but a finished piece is better than no piece!
  4. Models are a mix of bits from Age of Sigmar's Sylvaneth faction, kindly stolen from my husband's box with love. They are all very good bugs and would do no one any harm.
  5. "Khorgoraths are former denizens of the Mortal Realms that been corrupted by Khorne into some of his most destructive monsters. .. Their body bulges with collected skulls of the devoured and their skin is tinted red with the blood of their foes." A Khorgorath model from the Games Workshop game Age of Sigmar. I saw his sprue and thought he was a lovely amalgamation for this theme with all the monster bits and pieces.
  6. Wonderful work everyone! @Guildenstern I hope to see more of your painting! That Skaventarii is such a cool kitbash.
  7. Aww, thank you! She was a dear to paint. My consistency for bases will likely be out the window since I went ahead and did her up, when I don't plan to tackle the rest of the set for another few months.
  8. I'm interested to see this of everyone's minis! 😊 I will throw in my own as well - I rebased her onto her proper board game base shortly after my submission was finalized. (Please pardon if this upload goes wonky, I'm on my phone)
  9. Thank you! I debated going back and making them a bit more complex, but hey - better safe than sorry.
  10. Not just you, that's all I see too. Likely still pending, I know mine is too!
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