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  1. I'm based in the EU. Selling my old Crews since I haven't played Mlfx in years. Seamus, Puppet Seamus (to serve as Copycat Killer), three 2E Belles and two 1E metal Belles, Madame Sybelle, Seamus Avatar (usable as Resser Emissary), two Punk Zombies, Canine Remains, two 1E Dead Doxies. All painted. Comes with 2E cards. PRICE: 330$ shipped. 2E Viktorias box that came with oversized models (this was corrected in later prints). Viktoria of Blood is replaced by a plastic Puppet Viktoria. Also included are 1E metal original Viktorias and a slightly converted 1E Bis
  2. Miss Step (alt Langston) 20 $ Alt Kaeris 20 $ Alt Perdita 20 $ Miss Ery (alt Teddy - the card actually says 'Teddy' rather than 'Miss Ery', but the art is Miss Ery's; I think it's from back when it first appeared) 25 $ Nightmare Whiskey Golem (on sprue) 50 $ Arcane Emissary (box still in original wrapping) 30 $ Viktoria of Ashes (just the Master mini, from the Viktorias box. No card.) 8 $ Hamelin (just the Master mini, from the Hamelin box. No card.) 8 $ Paypal for payment. I'm in Europe.
  3. Gujozec


    Oh no... only 33 points! I am so very sorry that the monument wasn't glorious enough. Alas! I have failed you, unbeatable Goblinenrico. Oh the shame. What shall I do now... As a penance, I swear an oath to never again enter Iron Painter. Actually, let's make that any painting competition Wyrd organises. Yes...
  4. Gujozec


    I dedicate this, my final IP entry, to my Opponent. Inspired by Your greatness and importance, I crafted this monument to Your size. Now Your numerous admirers from across the boot globe have an icon before which they can kneel in worship. Everybody loves You. Youz are teh most popularestest. You will be remembered! ^^
  5. Another astonishing piece. I love your style and admire your skill. I really hope you win this one.
  6. A beautifully painted unit. Good luck, and may the better wolf win.
  7. Thanks Rac and Norman! Good luck to you, too.
  8. Gujozec

    The Automaton

    Thanks! If anyone wants to see some WIP pictures, you can find them here: http://gardensofhecate.blogspot.hr/2016/05/cii-automaton.html
  9. Gujozec

    The Automaton

    Thanks, everyone!
  10. It looks ace. The work on the lamp impressed me the most. Good luck!
  11. I guess we will have a duel after all, ConqueringWyrm. May the better one win.
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