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  1. and when will the icon of participation be given in the profile?
  2. How is the duel going? when can we see the results?
  3. I play recently. For the beast-bomb I use Bishop. with his abilities it turned out to remove two thick flurries from the thick enemy board without problems. Although every game Tara opens on a new .....
  4. @Kai and the rest of the participants?
  5. I congratulate the winners.
  6. Greetings to all. I, the same friend, the author of the topic. today I tried to play a band of Tara plus a couple of separate models - Beti Noir and the Death Marshal. I liked it)))) I want to try Beti Noir in a ligament with Killjoy - whether advise is it worth it? And another such question - please explain such a moment - if the Marshal has a model in his coffin, can the Marshal himself be buried and what will happen to the model in the coffin? will it be considered to be buried or is it exposed on a table? sorry for my bad English.
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